Just another love note…

When it’s dark outside and the air is crisp, I have flashbacks to a moment that has lasted what feels like a lifetime.

I remember it as if it were last night or even 5 minutes ago. I blurted out any and everything to keep you around just one more minute and 1 minute turned into 5 and 5 turned into (oh I don’t know) 60 minutes or more.
It was cold out and we were both tired but I walked along the curb, talking your ear off while you gave me every reason to stumble down – so you could catch me and I knew that but I was okay with it because the feeling I felt in your arms was one I hadn’t before.

Needless to say it wasn’t a few minutes ago nor was it a few days ago, it’s been a couple years now. Looking back at it and everything in between I know I get this love thing all wrong a lot. We don’t do anything “perfectly”, neither of us seem to know how to love unconditionally (or maybe we just get scared to)… Sometimes I just like to think the planets will align and we’ll both just understand one another completely.

You’ve needed someone who’s able to get through to you. I’ve needed someone who knows me well enough to challenge me when it’s necessary. Defeat never being an option because we’re in each-other’s prayers.

There has been anger and a ton of emotions but we’ve found peace when it was needed.
There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. We both know that.
I realize I won’t always bring you smiles and laughter. Not every second can be pure bliss. But I also know I wouldn’t quit, because I am no quitter – when I love and believe in something, I stand by it.
When I commit to something, I am fully invested. I will work and bring the best out of it.
You’ve become that something special that brings the best out of me and I want to do the same for you.

This may not be something easy to fight for. But it’s still as fulfilling as it was that night you held me, that night I knew you were something special even if you weren’t ready to open to up to me. All I’ve cared to do is bring the best out of you. Trust me through it all you’ve never made me think twice about quitting.
Loving you is rewarding and I’m confident one day you’ll willingly ignore all your fears and put doubts aside.

Some moments may feel point less and we may feel like nothing ever changes. But we’ve sacrificed too much and come too far. Break downs, lead to break-throughs, I believe that. Let’s fail but always try again.
Something special will never come easy, let’s always keep that in mind. Greatness is undeserved if you quit when things don’t go your way, so let’s not give up too easy.

Quitting may be a thought but it should never be an option.

To put it in the simplest form…

You know how people always mention happily ever after?
A couple goes through a whirlwind of bad things but somehow ends up on top and happily in love… You know, they make something out of nothing… a way out of no way…
Problems are never problems and issues get resolved – as a team they deal with it together.
You know those couples that work through it all and seem like they never have to question a single thing; they never seem to wonder is this all worth it?
Or the little elderly couples that still hold hands or take walks together, they seem to have these long talks in the park as if after all these years they still haven’t run out of things to say…

Well I don’t know if those kinds of loves exist anymore.
But I’d love to be an example of that. Money or no money, health or illness – just that “I don’t care what happens we’ll get through it together because I’m by your side” kind of love.
I may be crazy but I have the same passion for you and your dreams as I do for my own.

You’re the perfect memory and my favorite dream…
My unfinished story and my unwritten next chapter.

I’ll always be ready to keep you one minute longer if you promise to continue to make me stumble.

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