I forgive you.

Hey you.

Time has passed. So much has changed. Have you let go? Is the past haunting you? Do you still question where you went wrong – how much differently certain scenarios could of played out…?

You forgive everyone. You move on. You know even when pain occurs, it’s best to love again. It’s best to always give all of yourself.
But in knowing this have you forgiven yourself?

Are you what’s haunting your space when the lights go dim or the room gets quiet?

Forgive yourself my dear.

You’ve never seen a graduation stage.
That time you were loved 100% – you came short, twice. You acknowledged the love. Drained the emotion, created the memories but then you strayed. You chose to walk away instead of love harder.
Time and time again you’ve victimized yourself, made the fault everyone’s besides your own.
When it was time to give it another go. When the end was near and going the extra mile could of saved you, you ran. You didn’t fight. When it was time to give your all is when you gave the least of yourself.
All of those things you started, those unfinished ideas. You started so many projects. There’s been so many things you’ve wanted to accomplish. But, you didn’t stick to it.
In the presence of threat, fear and pain – when things got hard… when life stopped making sense you allowed the void to reside in your heart and soul. You didn’t seek God or religion, you brushed off the idea of spirituality and went at it alone.
All those times you needed someone to hold you, you didn’t reach out. When you needed someone to listen, you never spoke. Never aloud did you acknowledge that you needed help. That you needed someone, that you couldn’t get through it alone.

“But I’ve realized that even when I fall, what matters most is how I choose to rise from the experience. I know I don’t fall & become a fool.”

You’re okay.
You may not have a masters degree but you are intelligent and driven.
You may of dismissed love in the past but your heart is full of love and patience now.
You take time now with resolving issues. You’ve learned to dig deep before you place blame.
You don’t let go easy anymore, when it’s time to fight you give it all you’ve got.
You’re dreams are bigger each day and even when they become “too big” or they don’t make sense, you hold on tight because you know you’re capable of something larger than yourself.
You aren’t afraid anymore because you believe in something in this universe way beyond yourself. A higher power you aren’t afraid to turn to, to cry to, to embrace.
You know when its okay to be strong and when it’s okay to admit you can’t go at it alone.

You failed. You crumbled. You made endless mistakes.
But you’re okay. You turned out okay.
It’s okay. Forgive yourself for what once was…

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