That wasn’t the point.

So here’s where I went wrong – I got lost in the concept of just freely expressing myself.

I took where I started with “Dear Diary…” from May 2015 and I did exactly what I said I had an issue with as far as buying and up keeping an actual physical journal.

I got into it, I felt my feelings – I was over joyed with the response and with knowing how easily some could relate.
But feelings kind of turned into set topics… planned pieces of writing.
Then the “pretty journal” aspect kicked in except instead of standing in front a collection of pretty journals in a store I started knit picking ideas.
I needed beautiful images and clean/easy website themes – how about videos and social media… extra features.

I got lost.

I went from just wanting a place to rant. Creating a place where people can relate and confide to striving to create something far fetched and unnecessary.
I didn’t want to share my pieces until my site looked the part and all I did is drain my creativity.

I abandoned those who looked forward to my writing and I took away their voice. Never had I imagined receiving messages from people telling me their phone had a bookmark on their home screen to direct them to my site… or girls quoting me under their pictures… inbox messages of people just thanking me for “understanding” when in reality all I had done thus far is openly share my world with thousands of unknown faces.

Well needless to say, I realized my mistake – I found where I got caught up and lost. I brought myself back to basics. I stripped back down to bare minimal. Just me, my words and an anonymous audience.
I made all my pieces public with the site finished/impressive or not.

My happy place.
My creative home.

Our shared thoughts…
Our shared place.

Back to you.
Back to my diary.

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