Easy like Sunday morning…

Sundays are pretty much my favorite.
I guess that’s sort of weird, well because it’s the day before Monday. The last day of the weekend and such, but Sundays are happy and mellow and I don’t know they just seem so simple and easy.
A good church sermon, breakfast and a great movie in bed, wearing jammies all day… it’s like an all purpose, anything goes kind of day. Things just flow.

And when I think of it I’d love to find a love as “easy as Sunday morning“.

Ya know like an ideal kinda love, where you’re dating your best friend and there’s little to no pressure.
I want to feel butterflies when we kiss but feel calm enough to tell you my biggest dreams and my deepest fears.

Someone that takes away from all the stupid pressures of social media and “relationship goals“. A person to just be my person and get me… finish my sentences, know the catch to my jokes without me having to even finish.
Someone to support my dream like they support their own and know how to get my guards down on my worst days.

I want to laugh in my underwear with your t-shirt on until my tummy hurts on the days I woke up with the world crumbling down around me because you know what I need to hear when I don’t want to listen to anyone else.

Someone that loves food, music, movies, traveling and such but can tolerate cuddling and walks through museums because they know it’s something I like to do.
Someone that loves old school hip hop but can sit through a car ride listening to country music for my sake.
Someone I can watch sports with and sit by while they play video games because they walked around the mall with me all afternoon.
Someone I can hold and massage and cook for because they showed up at all my events and sat by me on long/emotional training nights.

Let’s be comfortable together. To the point where we can share a mirror in the morning and the sheets at night. Where we can share space and move around instinctively without bumping into each other.
So comfortable you’ll sing in the shower around me and I’ll still dance around the room as I get ready while you watch. Let me kick my feet up on your lap while you’re sitting and you rest your head on my back as I lay.

Someone that will cuddle with me when it’s cold or I’m stressed. A person I can hold before bed but I can still move away from while we sleep because it’s too hot.
We could watch movies all day and night when there’s nothing to do and waste time together.

I need someone I can walk around aimlessly with because the weather’s nice.
Someone that will hike up a mountain with me on a bad day to clear my mind or walk through sand with me on a summer night.
A person that will walk around a park with me for hours just to stay in my company and get lost in conversation.

I want you beside me when my family is falling apart or at family dinners. I want you to become a part of my family, a part of the memories. Be part of the pictures and the chaos closest to my heart.

Let’s travel the world. Walk through a desert, swim through a sea.. Lets walk the cobble stone roads of Spain.
Road trips across the states. Long days at the beach and even longer nights under the stars. Take me places you’ve been and then lets find new places we have yet to come across.

Lend me an ear when I endlessly rant. Offer me kind words when my heart is shattered. Bring me to life with your smile.
Be my boyfriend. My best friend.
Keep your guard down with me. Let’s talk about everything, anything, nothing and whatever is left in between.
Give me a natural high. Be the reason I wake up excited and I’ll dress your face with a smile before you lay your head to rest each night.

No fear in settling because I’d never second guess my feelings or what we have. I’d have faith in our future and what’s to come – good or bad I would know nothing could break us down.
A natural friendship, I perfect bond, inseparable and mine.
Outward displays of affection. No outlandish PDA, but enough to show you off to the world. Proud to have you and happy to have you to love me.

The first person I want to run to through tears. The first I think to share exciting news with. The first person I want to hold and the one I want to celebrate life’s blessings with.

I can’t help but believe that love still exists that someone out there can surprise me and love me and sweep me off of my feet effortlessly in the most simple ways.
I hold on to that feeling, that slight chance.

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