Maybe it makes me crazy.

I believe in spirituality…
In superstition…
In luck and lady bugs.
I believe in a higher power… the stars and the moon.
I believe in fate…
and dreams.

You have to.

These days, in this world you just have to believe in something. You have to put your faith somewhere.

When something bad happens always believe something good will eventually follow.
That good thing may come to you immediately, a few days down the road or maybe next year but something happens and you realize once again that everything is for a reason. Everything has its own timing. Not when you’re ready for it but when it’s ready for you.

When you reach those moments in life that can make or break you, fight like hell to not let them break you.
Every rocky road, each bad ending will come with a reset bottom. In most cases in disguise.
Count your blessings and never over look opportunities. Grab a hold of every helping hand and remember you’re always one decision away from a totally different life.

You have to believe after all the wishing and praying that it all can and will come together.
Find something that brings out the best and worst in you and let it take over your life.

I guess I just like to consider my glass half full and I’m a firm believer that if something’s meant for you, you’ll have more than one chance to grasp it if you’re patient enough.

And if it all makes me crazy or unrealistic – if I sound like I’m living in lala land yeah whatever so be it because I love MY reality and I couldn’t possibly imagine a better way to get through this life.

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